Aroma Therapy

Diana has created aroma therapy mists to help with clearings.  Click here to go to the Aroma Mists web site.


Throughout eons of time, civilizations have utilized and burned natural substances in order to purify their thoughts and to cleanse the environment. Monastic and Native Americans continue, to this day, the same rituals and ceremonies using herbs and incense.

In the West, we have often been oblivious to the presence of energy since it is invisible to the naked eye. However, it is present, in both positive and negative forms, nonetheless. Anyone who has ever lived, or visited, in your home, worked in your office, or been in your car, has left energetic remnants that might be adversely affecting your life. Everything is energy. When you go to a motel, you are actually sleeping in the collective energy of all the other people that have ever stayed in that room and slept in that bed! That is certainly something to think about, isn’t it?

Our Native American elders taught us that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of negative thoughts, feelings and energy. Previously this cleansing was only accomplished through a ceremony called “smudging.” Sage, cedar and sweetgrass were burned and the smoke was brushed over the body for purification.

Currently, this procedure is often not feasible to remove negativity in the environment. People have developed smoke allergies or do not like the strong or lingering odors. Dwellings, like motels and conference rooms have smoke detector alarms, and often work spaces are crowded or open cubicles. In the west, such purification ceremonies are not accepted in public spaces. Thus, this product was created as a smokeless sage to.

Now there is a solution to this dilemma! By combining the ancient knowledge of our ancestors with the convenience of a portable spray, energy clearing has been simplified. This new energy clearing mist is called Infinity. This powerful aromatherapy spray relieves mental fatigue and dissipates discordant energy.
This versatile and convenient smokeless sage spray was created to cleanse areas without the actual burning of sage. It is like a liquid smudge, without the lingering odor.

Infinity, a multi-purpose spray, can erase emotions and accumulated negative thought forms and ease emotional stress. You can easily use this spray mist in your home, office, car, or with yourself, family and pets. You may even wish to spray your pillows! Just mist around your body when you come home from work and let the emotional residue from the workplace dissipate from your mind and body. You will find it to be a valuable addition to you mental health and spiritual growth

Diana has created aroma therapy mists to help with clearings.  Click here to go to the Aroma Mists web site.

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